19 kilometer bypass will be built at Chaibasa costing Rs 219 crore

With the increase in the number of vehicles in the district the common people are facing difficulties in commuting. Because of this, many such incidents like road accidents also take place. At the same time, the presence of VIP people is also very significant in the Chaibasa district, in the Kolhan Regional West. On the other hand, the government also earns a huge revenue from this district. Looking at all these cases, it is imperative to change the existing roads of the district. On Thursday(25th Sept), a meeting was held in the chairmanship of Vijay Kumar Sinha, Commissioner of Coalition. There were discussions about several roads and link roads in the meeting. In the past, survey was conducted in 2008 to build a bypass road from Udaipur road, from Chibasa Ulihatatu (HP Gas Center Road) and the road constructed by Bihar Pathari Vikas Project related to this road. To start the process of bypass in the city again, Vijay Kumar, the Commissioner of the Colony Division, prepared a strategy to make the bypass by meeting with the Deputy Commissioner Arwa Rajkamal and the NH officials. The commissioner said that bypassing 19 kilometers of cost of 219 crore, the bypass would be prepared to leave the city. Land acquisition will also be done by the administration soon. Bypassing 12 villages, this bypass will come out of the city. This will end the traffic problem in the city.

Source :- Jagran

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