One Day Vedic Jagaran Camp organised in DAV Chaibasa

डीएवी स्कूल हमारी मौजूदा आवश्यकता की पूर्ति : डॉ. केसी श्रीवास्तव

One day Vedic Jagaran Camp Arya Udbhopan was organized in Surajmall Jain DAV Public School Chaibasa. The camp was started with Prabhat fheri with the 11 Kundya Havan-Yagna. Dr. K. Srivastava, Regional Officer of Jharkhand Zone B & F of DAV Public School was present as the Chief Guest. Dr. K. S. Srivastava said that the DAV School fulfills our current requirement. While expressing gratitude towards Nismore Sanand ND Grover, he appealed teachers to give suggestions in the interest of the school. Pandit Vasudev Shastri highlighted the importance of books on Maharishi Dayanand, the Satyam Prakash and Sanskar method books, through persuasive references. Swami Shraddhanand was the first person to receive the title of Mahatma from the title of Mahatma. While expressing the sentiments by the poetry text, Principal Line Kumari said that we assume the views of Maharishi Dayanand. Rishi sang and the presentation of the ten rules of the Arya Samaj was commendable. From the hymns, discourse and collective song dance, the camp got rainbow. Mmantji talked about children flying high Pandit Jagbandhu Shastri, Prakashananda and Ashutosh Shastri addressed the gathering. On this occasion SK Pathak, Pradnya Singh, SK Jha, TK Mishra, N Paisit, Anoop Kumar, LMC member Abhishek Dodarajka, Former Tata Institute of Technology BN Tudu and teachers were present on the occasion.

Source :- Jagran

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