Chaibasa and Koderma Medical College get 643 Crore

The state government has sanctioned Rs 642.76 crore for construction of buildings of approved medical college in Chaibasa and Karma in Koderma of West Singhbhum. This amount will be used to upgrade Sadar Hospital of both the districts and arrangements for threehundred beds will also be arranged. At the same time, in government schools, the egg will be given in two days instead of three days. The government has increased the rate of four rupees per egg to six rupees.Additional Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh said after the meeting of the Cabinet held at the Biodiversity Park (Biodiversity) park in Lalkhantanga, that Rs. 328.41 crore for Kodarma Medical College Hospital and Rs. 314.35 crore for Chaibasa Medical College Hospital has been approved. The Center has spent Rs 250-250 crore for both medical colleges and 60 per cent of this will be spent by the Central Government. On this basis, the center has given Rs 150-150 crore for both medical colleges, the state government will give the remaining amount.

Source:- LiveHindustan

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