Park in front of Civil Surgeon House

Park in front of Civil Surgeon House

The city council has been entrusted to the grand park in front of Civil Surgeon House. The contractor who is building the park said that the park has been prepared inside the city council timeline. The estimated amount of this park was Rs. 95 lakhs. Due to the Code of Conduct for Lok Sabha elections, the park will be inaugurated in two months. Now two months later, the contractor will handover the park to the city council. After this, the City Council will set a time frame to visit the park. In the park, Mexican grass has been planted from Kolkata. Here, 58 street lights and 232 ground lights have been installed. Apart from this, swing for the children and exercise for the elderly etc. has also been arranged. Simultaneously, a cement chair has been set up to sit in the park so that people come and roam and sit in the chair and get rid of their fatigue. Guard room has also been constructed to protect the park, so that the park can be kept systematically. Electric room has also been set up for colorful lights. Various species of flowers of different species have been planted in the park. These plants will take some time to prepare, but when ready they will beat the area green. The artwork has been done in the boundary wall of the park, which has increased the beauty of the park. The speciality of this park is that the residence of the Civil Surgeon right behind the park, the Deputy Commissioner and the subdivision officer and the Sadar sub-divisional police officer residence near the park and this is in route to Gandhi Tola, Bara Nimdih and Karani Mandir, so people always cross and visit the park.

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