Phabhat Pheri in Hindu New Year

People holding banners for Hindu New Year.
People holding banners for Hindu New Year.

The meeting of the Hindu New Year organising committee Chaibasa on Wednesday for the Hindu New Year was held. It was decided to install a new year’s best wishes in the establishments of the city and in the temples. Which was launched by placing New Year’s Best Banner at Baba Mandir. On April 6, by the Hindu New Year Organising Committee, and the schools in the city phabhat pheri will be organised. . Chocolate-water and sorbet will be distributed to children in prabhat pheri. Apart from this, flower rains will be done on students of prabhat pheri. Thereafter, wreaths and flowers will be offered on the idol of various monuments and great men of the city. In addition, during the New Year’s Eve, a grand aarti and cultural program of Bharat Mata will be organised at 6 pm in Padmavati Jain Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir premises. In this, all the city dwellers are invited. The meeting was attended by Jitendra Mardiya, Pratap Katiyar, Ram Avtar Ram Ravi, Rameshwar Vishwakarma, Dilip Sau, Kaushik Sarkar, Pitu Prasad, Sameer Paul, Gyan Rai, Vijayram Turi and others.

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