Tata College Celebrates Earth Day

Students celebrating earth's day.
Tata college celebrates Earth Day.

On the auspicious occasion of World Earth Day on Monday, Tata College Students Union celebrated the World Earth Day at Tribal Child Welfare Hostel. The entire Tata College campus was planted in seasonal fruits and flowers. On the occasion, Tata College Students Union President Uday Murmu said that on earth day every person must plant a plant. In such a way, you can save nature and environment and also get seasonal fruits and flowers along with them. University representative Manjeet Hansda said that if one wants to keep the earth safe then it is necessary to set up a plant per person. Simultaneously, use water as much as you need. Seamal Tudu, Rajesh Hansda, Supai, Hemraj, Vishnu Jonko, Rajesh Topon, Vinod Marandi etc. were present on the spot.

Source :- Jagran

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