Road Safety

The monthly meeting of the Road Safety Committee was held on Tuesday. It was held under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Arwa Rajkamal. In the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner directed the executive engineer of National Highway to apply road signs in Jhinkpani-Hattgamaharia and Hattgamaharia-Jaitgarh Road. He also mentioned filling the potholes located in National Highways, and widening the roadside along Bandgaon.

The Deputy Commissioner also mentioned that now two thousand fine will be charged for vehicles parked on the roadside. On the other hand, eye check-up camp will be organized for the drivers of heavy vehicles. He further added that the new Trauma Center will be constructed shortly for the cost of 1 crore and 20 lakh by the Uranium Corporation Limited.

At the same time, a rural road safety committee will be constituted at the Panchayat level, in which social people will be added so that they can immediately assist the injured people in road accidents.

Superintendent of Police Indrajit Martha instructed the police stations to conduct helmets and vehicle checks in all the places extensively to prevent major road accidents and injuries. The overloaded vehicles will also be examined strictly.

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