Mahatma Gandhi Came to Chaibasa in 1925.

The point is 1925. When the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi had stepped into Kolhana’s land Chaibasa to get freedom for the country. He participated in a program at the Congress Bhawan in Chaibasa. After that Gandhi had spent some time reaching Chaibasa Gaushala. He praised Gaaushala very much. Gaushala’s co-secretary Radheshyam Agrawal said that Chaibasa Gaushala was established in 1901. At that time, the founder of Gaushala, Self. The barasi slave was in the middle. In the remote hilly area of ​​the city, the village was built with a resolution to protect the cow-mother. He had won the minds of people from his work. Mahatma Gandhi had reached Gaushala after receiving this information. Gandhiji was so glad to see Gaushala that he was saying that he was doing a very good job while patting the back of the slave. The service of the cow is a big service, as well as looking at the better Gaushala than he had listened to. Never cease cow’s body after death of cow. Bury it with respect and put salt on top, so that the animal’s body can not be eaten by the animal. During this time when Gandhiji was given to sit in the bed, he did not sit in it. In the land were sitting on mat made of date leaves. As he sat, he had said that it is a place of virtue. After that, he was given milk in the tea made from clay hand grips and milk from cow’s cow. Even Gandhiji had said that milk is similar to nectar. The country needs it very much. After this, Mahatma Gandhi had also touched the cows of Gaushala near the love. During this Gandhiji wrote his good message in Gaushal’s diary and signed his signature.

Source:-  Jagran

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