Pillai Hall of Chaibasa will appear in new colors

Due worship was done on behalf of SR Rungta Group on Friday about the grand restoration of Pillai Hall at a cost of 20 million rupees. On this occasion, BJP state president Sahbum MP Laxman Giluva, Chaibasa Sadar JMM MLA Deepak Biruva, deputy commissioner Arva Rajkamal, deputy chairperson of minority commission Ashok Shardangi and renowned industrialist Mukund Rungta were present on the occasion. The program was first welcomed by Mukund Rungta by giving a bouquet of guests. After this, all the attendees prayed to God for the beauty of Pillai Hall. Speaking on the occasion, MP Laxman Giluva addressed the people saying that Pillai Hall of Chaibasa town was very old. There was a dire need for its restoration It is a matter of great joy that the restoration work is done by the SR Rungta Group. Because in this situation, political, non-political, social and other different programs are organized. The big identity for the city of Chaibasa is Pillai Hall. MLA Deepak Birua congratulated Mukund Rungta, Director of SR Rungta Group for the restoration of Pillai Hall. That is the oldest Pillai Hall in the city. Its scarcity was running for a long time. Now it will go a lot again on this day and there is a great news for the people of Chaibasa. Deputy Commissioner Arwa Rajkamal said that the budget for the first 80 lakhs was built for the restoration of Pillai Hall, but due to its lack of beauty, this budget has been increased to two crore and 15 lakhs. Mukund Rungta, director, industrialist and social worker, SR Rungta Group said that the renovation of Pillai Hall will be completed in 8 to 9 months. Twenty million and 15 million budgets have been made for the budget. If a little too much will be seen then the SR Rungta Group will not go back. The cultural program of August 15 will be done in this AC Auditorium Hall in 2019. On the occasion, industrialist co-social worker Raj Kumar Shah, Sanjay Pandey, BJP district president Dinesh Chandra Nandi, city president Vikas Kumar Sharma, Chaibasa Chamber president Nitin Prakash, FJCCI’s Coalhan Vice-Chairman Vikas Chandra Mishra, Sanjay Akhara, Giridhi Parik, Suresh Poddar, Baljeet Singh Khokhar, Kolhan Chamber President Bajrang Lal Chiraniya, Senior Advocate VN Pandey, Niranjan Prasad Sau, Ures Co, Narayan Padia, Trishanu Rai, Balram Sultania and many others attended the event.

Source :- Jagran

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