Girl fell down from the bridge while having fun with friends, death

Chaibasa DAV Public School’s 17-year-old student Priya Bari fell from the bridge and died on the spot.The girl was residing in Jagannathpur. Staying in Chaibasa here, his relative was studying at DAV School. Due to the break in school, on Wednesday, on 12th of the day, with five of his friends, two motorcycles came out on the Chaibasa-Tata road. All the friends were standing near the Mouda bridge and talking. In this sequence, Priya’s balance was worsened and she went straight to 10 feet below edge of the bridge. This led to his death on the spot. Here, family members have described death as suspicious. Families say that falling from the bridge did not hurt him much. How can he die from such a low altitude? According to the family members of DAV Public School studying in the 12th standard with science subjects. Because of the closure of the school on Wednesday, his uncle in Surendranagar was in the house of Surendran Bari. Chacha Surendra Bari told that Priya Bari had come out of the house at around 10.30 in the morning on Wednesday, talking to her school friend Nishi Priyanka Hembram about taking any work. About four hours in the afternoon, at around two o’clock in the afternoon, the phone was informed that Priya Bari fell from the bridge and died. The administration has placed the body in the cold storage for postmortem. The Sadar Police Station has registered a case of unnatural death and started investigations.

Source – Jagran

Image Source – Prabhat Khabar

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