Cleanliness Drive

Cleanliness March

On Wednesday morning, at 8 am, cleanliness drive started from Sadar Bazar Chowk in whole province. Giving information about this, Ramesh Khirwal, convener of the Cleaniness Campaign of the province, said that we start the day with cleanliness. In this, our day starts from cleaning the house to cleaning our body. But when we get out, there is a lot of waste in other places including the road around the road. We have to be conscious of cleanliness by improving our habit. To make people aware about this, cleanliness campaign started in the city on behalf of All India Marwari Yuva Manch. This campaign will be run by the forum throughout the city. Apart from this, a two-day meeting was concluded while discussing other issues at the forum’s meeting. Ashok Vijayvargiya, Mandal Garg, Sunita Agarwal, Anil Murarka, Rajkumar Mundhra, Purushottam Sharma, Abhishek Agarwal, Balram Sultaniya, Shyam Soni, Nand Kishore Agarwal, Vinay Agarwal, Krishna Agrawal, Neha Patwari, Deepika Agrawal, Vikash Vijayvargiya, Sachin Motika , Ajay Chetani, Akash Agarwal, Trishnu Roy, Geeta Balmuchu, Manoj Sharma, Rupesh Agarwal, Vinay Dodarajka, Prashant Mohta, Om Kedia, Narayan Padia and Sunita Agrawal were present.

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