City Council Cleaned 10 trolley of trash

Men collecting trash

A clean-up campaign was started on Thursday by city council Chaibasa. Under the leadership of newly appointed executive officer Abhay Kumar Jha, work of garbage evacuation continues in the city. Jha said that my first priority is to keep the city clean and beautiful. Along with this, the vehicle is doing the work of garbage collection in daily shifts. On Thursday, 10 trolley tractors was lifted. In this work, Karmi Munna Alam including the city council were engaged. Jha said that the cleanliness drive was carried out in many places including Mufafil police station, Big Bazaar Down, Town Club, Marie Tola, Sen Tola. Apart from this, a broom is applied on the road to clean the city in the evening so that the clean chaibasa and green chaibasa is maintained.

Source :- Jagran

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