Common Academic Calendar in Kolhan?

Following the direction of the state government, the Kolhan University is moving towards the Common Academic Calendar after seeing the problem of enrollment, examination and results from Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). It’s making the format. Under this, all the universities of the state will be examined for the scheduled dates and the results will be released together. The enrollment etc. will also be at the same time. Education Minister has given instructions to all the Vice Chancellors and Registrars in this regard. After the election, it is possible to have steps in this approach.
Students are currently confined to examinations and results after the introduction of a Choice-based credit system in universities. This makes them very less classy. After the Common Academic Calendar is implemented, students will get more chance to do classes. Apart from this, students will not have to worry about participating in competitive examinations and for higher education. Current problem is :- If a common academic calendar does not apply, then the result of any university comes first, then someone’s later. Students have difficulty in enrolling in different courses.

Source :- Jagran

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