Solar Plant in Chaibasa and Chandil

Proposed solar plant in Chaibasa and Chandil
Proposed solar plant in Chaibasa and Chandil

Dalmia Cement Company is keen to produce electricity from Solar Panel in Chaibasa and Chandil in Kolhan. For this, the company needs two thousand acres of land. In this regard, the company officials met the state’s industrial secretary Kamaraj Ravi Kumar and deputy regional director of Industrial Area Development Authority (JIADA) Ranjana Mishra. The officials gave information about their project. Officials of the JIADA showed the officials of Dalmia cement in Tonto and Khuntapani area of Chaibasa. Officials of the JIADA believe that they like 80 acres of land. Ranjana Mishra said that since solar panels can also take place over the water, so the officials of Dalmiya Cement were given information about Chandil Dam. Through the power grid produced from the solar panel, it will be used for use in the Dalmia Cement Factory located in Bokaro. After this the electricity which will survive will be given to the Jharkhand government.He told that Dalmia is the first company that has given the proposal to the state’s industry department and Jiyada to produce power from Solar Panel in Kolhan.

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