Renovation of Bus Stand in Chaibasa

Bus Stand Chowk, Chaibasa

Chaibasa bus stand is going to be renovated and a new bus stand is going to be constructed very soon. In this regard, the exercise has been started by the city council of Chaibasa.

This time the bus stand will be prepared as a model of Ranchi-Khadagara bus stand. On Monday 16th Sept, City Council Executive Officer Abhay Kumar Jha, Vice President of Bus Honor Association, Mohammad Bariq, and the engineer of Para Mom Consultancy Limited inspected the government bus stand and private bus stand.

On the spot, the executive officer told that this time both the private and government bus stands will be merged and one bus stand will be constructed that will be full of all facilities. The new bus stand will have facilities for passenger seating, two large halls, separate toilets for men and women, pure drinking water, route number for each carriage.

With these facilities, the passengers will know immediately from which number stand, they have to board the bus. Currently, the passengers have some difficulty in catching the bus to go to Ranchi and Tata.

Also, all arrangements of today’s era will be equipped, including malls, shops, guest houses for travelers, clean and beautiful restaurants. There are approximately one and a half acres of land combining both bus stands.

Chaibasa bus stand departs from Bihar, Bengal, Odisha and other places on a daily basis. The executive officer said that its DPR will be prepared and sent to the city development department Ranchi soon. After acceptance from there, the foundation stone will be done immediately, so that a new bus stand will be ready in 2020.

Earlier, Planning was going on that the Chaibasa bus stand will be constructed out of the city, but the Vice President of the Bus Honor Association, Mo. Bariq put a lot of effort so that the old bus stand will be renovated.

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Source:- Jagran

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