Film Shooting in Chaibasa

Film Shooting in Chaibasa under Kolhan Entertainment.

The shooting of a two-and-a-half-hour social film (Roove Huju: Geyaa Judee Taangee Re Taeen Mein) started under the banner of Kolhan Entertainment. The film depicts tribal customs. In today’s era, people are forgetting about their past culture. The film will depict the culture of tribals.

The film is produced by Kolhan Entertainment’s producer Bablu Banra and director, cameraman, editor as Rajesh Banra. The lead actors in this film are Kuldeep Boyapai, Mithali Honhaga, Soma Soye, Meenu Banra, Damodar Hasada, Shiva Devgam, Sreejon Haiburu.

The shooting of the film will be done in many villages of Kolhan including Chaibasa, Jhinkpani, Rajkharsawan, etc. The film will be released at the end of March. People will be made aware of the film through projectors in many villages.

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Source:- Jagran

Professional training in Chaibasa Engineering College

Pauline Laravoire addressing students of Chaibasa Engineering College

Pauline Laravoire, Sustainability Director of the Techno India Group from Paris origin have advised the students not to accept all the events around them in the same way but to find out the reason for that. If we start doing that, then in a few days more than half of the social problems will end. She was addressing the students as a keynote speaker at a workshop organized by The Root, Entrepreneurship Department of Chaibasa Engineering College.

In this workshop, Pauline told the students about its impact on sustainable development and social entrepreneurship. Encouraged students with social start-ups. Many technical and psychology-related aspects related to this were also discussed. She also answered the students’ questions. The workshop was based on the career and its impact.

Deputy Principal of the college Prof. De Raha reported that Laravoire spent 25 years of her life in Paris and completed her graduation from HEC Paris. She started an organization called Y-East, which is under the banner of the Techno India Group. She is also the co-founder of the Aqua Association, which works on quality water access and is a non-profit organization in Paris.

He informed that in the future with the help of Laravoire and her team, the students of this college will also be provided with professional training on entrepreneurship and social startup. Deputy Director Prof. (Dr.) Sudipta Chakraborty was also present in this workshop. About 120 students participated in this workshop.

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Source:- Jagran

35 people fined in 2 days, recovered 60 thousand

Motorcyclists without helmet fined by Chaibsasa Transport Department.

The District Transport Department has imposed a total fine of 60 thousand rupees on 33 motorcycles and 2 Tata Magic drivers for violating traffic rules within two days. In Chaibasa, a motorcycle driver incurred a total loss of six thousand rupees due to lack of license and helmet.

On behalf of the District Transport Department, it was told that on Wednesday, by running a motorcycle investigation campaign in front of the Sadar police station, 11 motorcyclists without helmets were charged a total penalty of Rs 11 thousand.

Similarly, motorists were checked without a helmet in front of Mufassil police station on Tuesday. During this period, a fine of Rs 49 thousand was recovered from 22 motorcycle drivers and two Tata Magic drivers. Tata Magic was from Odisha and did not have permits here. 10–10 thousand rupees were recovered from both.

Here, Inspector cum Sadar police station in-charge Niranjan Tiwari said that the motorists would be constantly monitored. Most people ride their bikes without helmets. The police will keep a special watch on these. Also, youth and women below the age of 18 years will also be monitored.

Younger young men and women will be stopped first, after which their family members will be called and fined. Special attention will be paid to this. In most of the road accidents that are happening right now, girls learning scooty are involved, three people sit and ride while learning.

Police do not mean to harass anyone. Police ask people to wear helmets continuously for the safety of the motorcycle and scooty drivers. If you are wearing a helmet, then the police have no problem. Niranjan Tiwari called upon the motorcycle driver not to drive without a helmet and go safely to his home.

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Source :- Jagran