Oil tanker reflex in Chaibasa, villagers with police started collecting oil

The incident is about Chaibasa-Jainthgarh NH 75 near Jhingpani. Where the tanker filled with high speed diesel gets overturned and uncontrolled. Although the driver and the conductor have received minor injuries. After the accident, the oil tanker started getting leakage. On the reverse of the tanker filled with oil, the villagers took the risk of plucking their oil and risking their lives. Local children, old men, women bottles, buckets, gallons, tin cans etc. filled the oil and filled their homes.

Police also started looting oil.

When the PCR van deployed to protect the National Highway was informed about the accident, the police reached the oil tanker. At the same time, rather than refusing locals, the police jawans themselves were engaged in loading in the PCR van by filling tankers in oil gallons.


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